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Showreel 2020

Showreel 2020


I am a Futurist and Transhumanist specializing in creative storytelling through Extended Reality(XR) technologies with a background in sculpture and performance art, based in London, UK.


Back in university, I grew a world's 1st VR headset out of mushroom mycelium and made my first 360° film about the process. Since then I worked with many global brands, including 
Nike, Samsung, Adidas, The Shard, SXSW, BAE, Dove, Burj Khalifa, TATA Communications, and Formula 1,  on a variety of award-winning high-profile productions where I designed and directed interactive and multi-sensory technology activations. Projects that I worked on received a lot of press coverage and were mentioned in the Evening Standard, It's Nice That, Secret London, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Daily Star & more.

In 2019 I founded  Raspberry Dream Labs - a collective of artists & engineers creating innovative multi-sensory solutions for cybersex - to combine my technical and production expertise with one of my greatest passions - human sexuality. As a part of this, I also curate and moderate bi-monthly events UNSENSORED talks and speak publicly on the themes of sex, technology, XR and intimacy in the digital age.

Aside from that, I work as a freelance Creative Director, Producer, Experience Designer, VR & AR Consultant, Graphic Designer, and Public Speaker. If you wish you wish to hire me, collaborate or simply ask a question feel free to contact me at:


I'm always looking forward to and open to new creative opportunities. 

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