Project Description

“The Status Chair”

Brief: Choose any offline object and come up with a scenario of what would happen if it would be connected to the web.

Description: For the offline object I chose a chair, a basic everyday object that exists almost in any place one might go to. People use chairs over 60% of their day time, without even paying attention to them.  I started looking for the possible ways of how chairs can evolve into something more significant that could change the world. I researched chair’s history and their meaning within the society, and came to the conclusion that for many years chairs were used to represent someone’s dignity and status.  Today we don’t pay so much attention to the chairs and don’t judge people by the way their chairs look. But this situation might change if the chairs would be connected to the web. Imagine if chairs would get access to our personal data, to everything that we post and do in web, to everything that requires web to be performed?

Given power of internet chairs could become a reason for social conflicts and a hierarchy domination. There will be nothing that could be kept in secret, as all interactions would be visible to other users through the height of your chair. In order to keep privacy the person would only have two options: 1. Accept a low rated chair and status of looser; or 2. Constantly fake social identity in case if the height of chair does matter to you a lot.

   The % of people who would accept a looser status would be low, what means that the half of the rest would be in the hunt for the higher number of interactions in order to fulfil their ego and rise their chairs higher; and the second half would be feeling challenged by the first half and try to fight them back by faking their profiles and trying to reach their higher levels, which would form a constant fight for never reachable 100%, as the digital number for 100% will constantly grow together with demand and challenge. Scenario does not always have to have a good ending. This will turn already blinded people into even more manipulatable nation that in the end will erase itself as a self destructing mechanism.

These smart chairs will be built out of living biofilm that grows and feeds on the data collected from the web, which is transmitted through neuro-electric signals to the cell. The cells would be programmed to the self-growth and self-reconstruction.

Year: 2015

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