Project Description

The Future Material

Brief: FMP, Graduation project.

Description: My dissertation research concluded that the city of the future has to be both physical and digital and the lines between those will become blurred. The rapid acceleration of technological developments encourages humans to shift into the digital way of existence. However, before it happens, we need to make sure that the reasoning behind this shift is not the escape of an unsustainable reality, but a means of expanding greater intelligence. Now it is up to the current generation to shape the way it is going.

For this future to be sustainable, methodology and material choice have to be reconsidered. My practical research throughout this year has demonstrated that fungi material is the solution to the number of resource and environmental questions. Fungi material will open a new paradigm for the manufacturer; a range of new, environmentally-friendly possibilities that will help with the restoration of green spaces and lead to a more resourceful planet.

The aim of this project is to raise awareness and demonstrate on practice how technology and biology can merge to create new possibilities for mankind. As a conclusion and celebration of my involvement with fungi throughout this year, I’m growing VR headset out of fungi mycelium and demonstrating the methodology and science behind fungi material in the virtual space.

I chose virtual reality as a means of communication as it is the most unlikely media that one might think for organic, biologically grown materials. However, the diversity is their merging point. The purpose of fungi VR glasses is to demonstrate how something purely organic can become a piece of technology itself, and to demonstrate in comparison to packaging and paper how wide the range of  fungi possibilities is. The  360-degree content that is experienced through the fungi glasses is created with the goal to educate and promote the potential of fungi and the ease of creation methods behind it based on the examples from my personal practice.

Year: 2016

For the best experience video has to be previewed through the VR headset and in the highest quality set up.

Be aware that  YouTube doesn’t support playback  of 360-degree spherical videos in Safari, please use alternative browser or app!

The Fungi Glasses







To create fungi VR glasses I designed a model in C4D which I later 3d printed out of organic potato starch filament. That enabled me to plant fungi mycelium into the shape and leave it there to grow, strengthen, and potentially digest the plastic and grow through it.









The 3d printed shape is then stuffed with the fungi mycelium and is kept in a plastic bag until the mushrooms start growing out of it.


The Forest Lab

The video was shot in two parts on a 360 Kodak 4K camera. The first part was shot on a green screen, edited and placed onto the footage filmed in the forest. The forest lab environment presents the viewer with a unique opportunity to travel back in the past and be present during the creation of glasses that he’ll be wearing. Visuals of the process are accompanied with a narration that shines light on the science of fungi.


Virtual Gallery

The Virtual gallery is the second and last environment that the viewer is taken to on his virtual trip through the mushroom world. The gallery presents the viewer all the work I’ve achieved creating out of fungi material so far. 360 Virtual space designed in C4D.


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