Project Description

Food Leftovers. Concept App

Brief: Design for the Real World. Find a problem and solve it through the design.

Description: Student life sometimes can be tough, especially when you are hungry and don’t have much food left in the fridge and the nearest shop is already shut, as you were working on your assignment over the midnight. That happened to me while I had to come up with a problem for the research, so I took the situation as an actual problem that needs solving. 

I am usually cooking for myself, so I do not struggle with mixing ingredients or coming up with the new recipes, but so many other people do. They spent way too much money on ordering take aways, and simply do not know what to do with the raw food. Every day people throw away surprising amounts of food that could be easily eaten if they only knew how and with what to prepare them. People throw away food because they buy and cook too big portions that they do not need or are not able to consume all at once. Some people do not even understand the difference between “best before” and “use by”. We waste more food, than its packaging what causes a bad impact on our environment and harms our lives. Landfills are stuffed with decaying leftovers and the air is polluted. We waste our money, destroy our planet, and still stay hungry.

My proposed solution was to design an app that would suggest user a custom recipe based on what he or she has left in a fridge.  

Year: 2014